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Flashing lights, often noted in dimly lit rooms in our side vision, or floating spots, often noted under more normal daytime light in our central vision, are signs of a possible sight threatening condition known as a retinal detachment. In most cases, however, it is a sign of a lesser concerning condition known as a posterior vitreous detachment. This is where the vitreous body, located in the back cavity of the eye, liquifies and "unhooks" from it's attachments at the back portion of the eye. It can occur spontaneously, but frequently occurs after leaning over or sometimes after a sneeze or a jarring activity. 

While the symptoms of most vitreous detachments eventually fade, there is a critical period (during the first 8 weeks) where the risk of a retinal detachment is much higher and requires close professional supervision. A retinal detachment is caused by the tractional pulling of the more freely floating viteous on the retina. This causes a break or tear in the retina allowing fluid to get underneath it and thereby causing the lifting or detachment of the retina. A retinal detachment is a medical emergency and requires immediate surgical intervention. 

If you have any of these symptoms, you should contact our office immediately. If it is on the weekend, contact our after-hours service by calling 585-453-2442. If this happens after hours during the week, contact Dr. Wynne directly on his cell number 585-259-2883.

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