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Over the last nearly five decades of patient care, our office has introduced and cared for thousands of patients and their contact lenses. These patients will attest to the fact that we take this responsibility very seriously. The reason is, contact lenses are FDA approved and regulated medical devices. They received this status due to the potential harmful effects to the eyes if mishandled. It is well documented that contact lens non-compliance on the part of the patient can result in potentially sight threatening damage from lack of oxygen to the cornea or to ulceration brought upon by opportunistic infections. We are unwavering in our vigilance to protect patients from these disasters by insisting on examinations no later that yearly and strict adherence to the doctors guidelines related to wearing and replacement schedules. 

We offer many types of contact lens options for our patients including soft and rigid gas permeable lenses. We fit lenses to correct for astigmatism, nearsightedness, farsightedness and presbyopia. These include spherical, torc and bifocal lenses. Our professional fees include the doctors time/expertise, training/education time, measurement of corneal curvature (keratometry) and detection of any warpage trend (topography), follow -up visits at initial fit or later in the year if needed. Material costs of the lenses are set a fair market value usually at or just below internet prices. In over 95% of cases we dispense a complete year supply of lenses just after the examination. Patients who run out of lenses after 6 months delay their next fresh pair because their busy schedule doesn't allow them time to order the remainder of the year supply. Also with a year supply in your possession, when you are nearly out, you know it is about time for your yearly appointment with us.

We understand that contact lenses are heavily advertised as a commodity. Often internet options seem enticing as a lower cost option. They are in fact more expensive. Internet sources deceive consumers by not offering the most important part of the process, the doctors supervision (which is required by law). So by offering materials only, it makes the purchase of that component only seem cheaper. All contact lens prescribers charge a separate examination fee related to contact lens care. It is also best to get your lens materials from your doctor as only they can verify the source of the lenses and can directly deal with any warranty or defect issues should they arise. Please be advised, Internet lenses sources do not have the health of your eyes as their primary goal, they are strictly profit centers and offer no professional supervision. Many have a long history of filling orders without prescriptions and lobbying congress to have the prescription status of contacts removed so they can sell to you directly without any medical restrictions. The result of this market action was the legislation known as The Fairness to Contact Lens Consumers Act. It is design to help protect the consumer from unscrupulous lens sellers. Unfortunately, it is a severely flawed legislation, providing loopholes that can seriously put the contact lens wearer at risk. If you have any questions about this issue, please ask to speak to Dr. Wynne directly.

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