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Doctor Wynne performs a comprehensive eye exam that is made up of several components. First he completes a thorough medical exam of the internal and external structures of the eyes to determine their overall health and diagnose any medical issues. He then does a visual assessment (refraction). This assessment is an essential component of vision care since it determines how well your eyes see and if they are working together effectively. In our office, the refraction is not performed by a technician. Dr. Wynne fine tunes your prescription based on your input and his expertise. This allows him to customize each prescription with your lifestyle and individual needs in mind. Corrective lenses may be prescribed in order to provide peak visual acuity.

You will then meet with our New York State Licensed Optician, Mike. He has many years of experience in the optical field and is here to help guide you through the process of creating the perfect pair of glasses for your needs, style and individual prescription.


Step one is to gather information about your specific visual requirements at home, the work place and during leisure activities. Mike will then make recommendations for frames and lenses which couple your needs with Dr. Wynne's custom prescription.

Now the fun begins with choosing frames that reflect your personal style and meet with all of your visual demands. Utilizing their knowledge of optics and various fitting characteristics such as facial structure and shape, anatomical features and your personal color palette, Mike strives to guide you through this process as effortlessly as possible. He always keeps in mind the natural concerns and anxiety that exist in selecting something as personal as eyewear when it is difficult to adequately see once you have removed your current eyewear. With his guidance and the use of digital photography, he will help you select eyewear that you will wear with confidence. 

Once the frames have been selected, measurements to determine optical center, placement, multifocal heights, vertex distances, pantoscopic tilt and curvature are used to determine proper alignment within the chosen frame. Recommendations for lens materials that minimize thickness and weight, and processes to enhance your vision will be discussed based on your prescription, the frames being used, and your needs. We often take special note of the lens characteristics that you have previously used to maximize your future experience.

The process then moves upstairs to our lab where we cut the lenses into your frame utilizing the most up to date lens edging system available. We are unique in that our Optician is a trained and experienced "bench " Optician and has mastered the manufacturing aspects of this important part of the process. This ensures our quality control at every step.

Prescription eyeglasses are highly customized for your specific visual needs. Our Optician will confirm your lenses have been created accurately before dispensing them to you. He is responsible for verifying each and every completed pair of eyewear to standards that exceed the state and federal criteria.

During your dispensing appointment, our Optician will ensure your new eyewear are properly fitted for exceptional comfort and optimal visual clarity. Finally, you will be instructed on the use and care of your new glasses and will be provided with a protective case, lens cleaner and cleaning cloth.



Follow up care is as important as the day of your exam and frame/lens selection. Because spectacles are created using a series of intricate and extracting measurements, it is critical that they fit properly. This is why we encourage you to return whenever needed for adjustments and repairs.

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